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Precautions for machining

- Shear with the shearing machine. Please do not cut with the grinding wheel, for the hot scraps caused by the grinding wheel will splash to the steel sheet and produce red rust.

- Ensure that the mechanical properties can satisfy your machining requirements during the tile press, stamping and stretching. When signing the contract, please specify your machining and using conditions so that we can use proper materials and coating. 

- For those customers owning machining equipment, please strengthen your inspection and maintenance of equipment in case of damage to steel sheet.

Precautions for storage

- Steel coil shall be stored in ventilated and cool place, avoiding rain and moisture.

- Use bolsters or frames to support the steel coil and the pile shall not exceed two layers.

Precautions for transport

- Use bolsters and rubber cushions and firm with the rope during the transport to prevent black spot on galvanized sheet and abrasion of the coating. 

- Cover the steel coil with the waterproof cloth to prevent rain from flowing into the coil and producing white and other rust.